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Let's face it. Not everyone likes the environs of a gym or a fitness studio. Also, though most people do want to exercise it is sometimes a case of not knowing what to do or not having equipment. Even if you are a regular gym goer, you may want a little extra workout to add to your routine or replace a missed workout.

If you can identify with any of the above, 28.1 is for you! 

28.1 is a 28-day home movement series aimed to keep you moving. Additionally, it is:

  • For all fitness levels ✔

  • Requires zero gym equipment ✔

  • Contains active rest days ✔

  • Contains exercise demos ✔

  • Free ✔

Here is some feedback from 28.1:

"great way to get people moving; especially those who may not be able to afford a gym and/or trainer at this time"


"I think the 28 day challenge was awesome all round...it was challenging and the videos explanatory"

DAY 01

Fitness Test 1

DAY 04

Active Rest

DAY 07

Active Rest

DAY 15

Fitness Test 2

DAY 11

Active Rest

DAY 18

Active Rest

DAY 14

Active Rest

DAY 22

Active Rest

DAY 25

Active Rest

DAY 28

Fitness Test 3