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I know you want to get moving. I also know that finding the time to get moving seems like a daunting task at times. Whether it be a perceived lack of time, not knowing what to do or lacking the motivation, there are legitimate barriers to starting or restarting your movement program.

28 was created to unlock some of these barriers by providing a movement program which can be completed at home or anywhere. Each movement day lasts for at most 30 minutes and will require zero equipment.


What can you expect?

Glad you asked. 28.2 follows on from last year's start of the 28 series, 28.1. It features 28 days of movement with total body resistance training, cardiovascular training and active rest days. It:

  • is for all fitness levels ✔

  • requires zero gym equipment ✔

  • contains active rest days ✔

  • contains exercise demos ✔

  • is free ✔


Will there be guidance?

Most definitely. There will be videos to guide you through the form for each movement in the program



For most persons, accountability is a petty important aspect of maintaining consistency. Persons may feel free to check in with me on a daily basis via email, IG message or tagging me in posts/ stories to indicate completion of a day's work


Also, I suggest that you get an accountability partner(s), and these persons may serve to hold you accountable as you do the same for them.


Here is some feedback from 28.1:

"great way to get people moving; especially those who may not be able to afford a gym and/or trainer at this time"


"I think the 28 day challenge was awesome all round...it was challenging and the videos explanatory"

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