June 20, 2018

GFS Quick Tip #15 | Progressive Overload

June 20, 2018

💡: this one is simple but trust be it is a game changer..Let's face it... we are more prone to making poor food choices when we are hungry. Taking a little extra time to prepare your meals for the day prevents you from going off track of your nutrition plan.


June 17, 2018

💡: The plank engages the muscles in the core (inc. lower back), hips and shoulders. 

Draw the navel in towards the spine and try to engage the core while preventing any sags in the core. Similarly you'd prefer not to have the butt too high in the air wh...

June 16, 2018

💡: Slosh Pipe workouts are great for #strength gain, functional #balance and body stability.

Because the water moves through the pipe when it is moved, the athlete is forced to engage the core and other muscle stabilizers in order to maintain...

June 15, 2018

💡: Don't neglect the importance of stretching after your workouts. Stretching helps to: 

  • reduce stiffness

  • reduce lactic acid

  • increase blood flow

  • reduce #stress and #anxiety

  • maintain/ increase #flexibility

June 13, 2018

💡: We don't need to be in a physical gym structure to put the work in. Sure being in the gym surrounded by equipment helps psychologically to put us in a working mood but no doubt with the right mindset we can make anywhere in the world our gym

June 12, 2018

You know something? A scale is a musty stinking liar sometimes though. Imagine you WORK HARD and eating better and you clothes fit looser and ting an d so and so scale telling you that you gain weight 😲

Hear tune 💡 The common bathroom scale is a decent guide when it...

June 11, 2018

💡: Even if your focus is on that chiselled 6 pack, it is a good idea to build and maintain strength throughout the entire core belt and adding the superman (any injuries preventing this aside) to your routine will help your lower back development
It's important to k...

June 10, 2018

💡: Here's a reminder to find that stress management system and make it a priority

Don't wait until the doctor tells you that you have to make a change. Be proactive and make it happen for you

June 10, 2018

💡: we all need some help at some point. Keep lending a helping ✋ without expectation and chances are when you need one it will appear for you too

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