How long have you been exercising consistently?

I have been training off and on for approximately ten years.  The last two was the longest break I have ever taken, until joining this program.
In the break and due to work demand, I have struggled with weight gain and bei...

October 3, 2018

How long have you been exercising consistently?

10 months

How has consistent exercise benefited you?


How about on the nutrition side of things? If any, what changes have you made?    

Watching my carb intake, paying closer attention to the balance of f...

The fitness journey is one that always comes with its challenges (aka potholes and transitory inconveniences) There are also triumphs and successes, which come through dedication and hard work.

Natasha is one such example of a person who has experienced all of the above...

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November 3, 2019

September 22, 2019

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