COVID-19 In-Studio Guidelines

Please see below the in-studio guidelines in place to protect athletes from the spread of COVID-19:

  • Athletes will be subject to a temperature check prior to entry for each training session using an infrared temperature device

  • Athletes' bags and items are to be placed into a provided plastic container (this is previously sanitized)

  • Athletes' hands will be sanitized with rubbing alcohol on arrival

  • A clean, large towel is a must at every session and it is to be placed on a hook provided

  • Masks are not mandatory during exercise

  • Gloves should be clean. If they were worn in another facility or used outdoors prior to entering GFS, they should be washed prior to entry

  • Athletes are encouraged to bring their own resistance tubing and bands if you already own

  • If you experience any cold/ flu/ Covid-19 symptoms whatsoever, please do not attend any physical sessions. If you do have any symptoms (e.g runny nose, sore throat, coughing or any other symptom) please do not assume that the cause is allergies or sinuses. Please contact me before hand as we may be in a position arrange an alternative (eg. online workout)

  • Fit Club Small Group sessions will be conducted online for the immediate future with consideration for outdoors training on some days

  • Tandem training will not immediately resume but will in the near future - all things remaining equal


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