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You want to be strong and independent for as long as possible. With that said, just as you train for cardiovascular endurance & strength, you also need to focus on mobility (the ability to move or be moved freely and easily)

If we don’t regularly use the full range of motion of our joints, we gradually lose our ability to do so. After all, if you don't use it, you lose it. Focusing on mobility allows you to strengthen your movement patterns through available ranges of motion, decrease instances of potential injury & helps to relieve tension in the body.


You are never too young nor too old to begin working on your movement potential. There will always be benefits to including this training into your overall training regime.


My advice here, is to include these movements daily or as often as possible. 

00Neck CARs.png

1. NECK CARs (video)

  • Begin with neck bent forward (neck flexion) and begin to rotate slowly until reaching the end of motion

  • Move the neck into a side lean (lateral flexion)

  • Continue rotating all the way around

  • Reverse direction of rotation & continue alternating

  • Complete the motions in a slow and controlled manner

  • Complete for 90 seconds

00 Shoulder CAR.PNG

2. SHOULDER CARs (video)

  • Stand tall & externally rotate the shoulder (your palm will face forward) 

  • Pull the arm across the body with in a straight and externally rotated position

  • Begin raising the arm towards the ceiling while keeping the rest of the body rigid

  • When the arm is just about in line with the ear, internally rotate the shoulder (rotate the shoulder the opposite direction) as much as you can & take the arm behind you while continuing to internally rotate 

  • Take the straight arm behind in a controlled manner until it reaches the hip region

  • Reverse the movements into the opposite direction

  • Complete for 90 seconds per arm

00Cat Cow.PNG


  • Start in an all-fours position with hands under shoulders & knees under hips

  • While inhaling, tilt the pelvis back and gradually allow the entire back to create an arched position (the neck will be the last part of the spine to move). 

  • While exhaling, tilt the pelvis forward, and tuck in the tail bone

  • Pull the navel into the back and reverse the initial movement, creating a hump

  • This is all done in a slow and controlled manner

  • Complete for 90 seconds

T Spine CARs_edited.jpg


  • Stand tall with your feet wide for a strong base

  • Take a breath in and create tension about the body, locking the hips in place

  • Create flexion of the upper back - not at the hips

  • Rotate to one side until all rotation is used

  • Side bend into upper spine extension

  • Rotate all the way around until getting back to the starting position

  • Repeat process going the other direction

  • Continue alternating for 90-120 seconds

Hip CARs_edited.jpg

5. HIP CARs (video)

  • Start in quadruped/ all-fours position

  • Create tension throughout the body

  • Maintain bent knee & create a controlled forward circle with your hip

  • Then create a controlled backward circle

  • Aim to maintain still elsewhere throughout the body

  • Continue this for 60-90 seconds per side

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