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Topics discussed:

  • Dealing with guilt & frustration

  • Adapting to a new regimen

  • Adapting fitness goals

  • How important is routine?

  • Listening to your body


🎧Run Times:

Part 1 - ~ 15 minutes

Part 2 -~ 14 minutes

Part 3 - ~ 6 minutes


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Topics discussed:

  • Purpose of the Menstrual Cycle

  • Importance of knowing your Menstrual cycle - variations may indicate underlying problems

  • Benefits of training on various menstrual disorders

  • Can you match training intensity with stages of the cycle?

  • To push through or to rest during the period

  • Women's health in general

🎧Run Time - ~ 57 minutes


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Topics discussed:

  • Do we believe that we are invincible?

  • Can societal norms create pressure on men?

  • Do we fear/ trust doctors?

  • Is mental health still a taboo topic for men?

  • How exercise helps to keep us grounded

🎧Run Time - ~ 55 minutes

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Topics discussed:

  • What is PCOS and what are some of the likely symptoms?

  • Insulin Resistance

  • How did your diagnosis change your lifestyle and what are some of these changes?

  • How important are fitness and nutrition within your management system?

  • Mental health management techniques

  • How important is it to have a support team in managing PCOS?​

🎧Run Time - ~45 minutes

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Topics discussed:

  • Working from home

  • Parenting during lockdown

  • Changes in family life

  • Maintaining wellness in the midst of it all and the importance of such

  • Taking a look on the bright side

🎧Run Time - ~ 55 minutes

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Topics discussed:

  • What is glaucoma and what are the symptoms? (Inc. types of glaucoma)

  • How is it diagnosed?

  • How important is knowing your family history in your prevention management?

  • Who is more at risk?

  • How can glaucoma be managed and treated?

  • Can exercise assist in glaucoma prevention/ management?

🎧Run Time - ~ 45 minutes

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Topics discussed:

  • What's involved in Physical medicine and rehab?

  • Sports Medicine & Athletic Performance

  • The importance of Pre-screening for athletic participation

  • When should one seek injury evaluation?

🎧Run Time - ~ 60 minutes

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Topics discussed:

  • Brief intro into Kwayne's background in physiotherapy & how he got into the career 

  • What is physiotherapy/ The role of physiotherapy?

  •  What are some roles of a physiotherapist that one does not readily consider? 

  • The role of physiotherapy in Pandemic times

🎧Run Time - ~ 67 minutes

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Topics discussed:

  • When does event prep generally begin? 

  • What phases are involved?

  • What goes into keeping an athlete "on the field"

  • Are this concepts similar for a person who is transitioning from sedentary to active ?

🎧Run Time - ~ 49 minutes

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Topics discussed:

  • Brief intro into Andrew's sporting endeavors 

  • Life as a junior and senior national lawn tennis coach and keeping athletes engaged 

  • What role does Andrew see sports playing in reducing and managing cases of persons with NCDs?

  • An Introduction to Beach Tennis and what does Andrew foresee for it's uptake & future?


🎧Run Time - ~ 50 minutes

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Topics discussed:

  • What role did sports play in his upbringing?

  • How important was that foundation in staying active?

  • What is Taekwondo and what tangible & intangible benefits does the sport offer to children and adults? 

  • What takeaway would you like to leave with persons who may be struggling with other forms of activity? (eg. training in gyms)


🎧Run Time - ~ 45 minutes

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Topics discussed:

  • The physical, cognitive and psychological benefits of being involved in dance

  • The opportunities available through dance now vs before

  • How to go about preparing and maintaining yourself throughout a hectic dance calendar


🎧Run Time - ~ 60 minutes

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Topics discussed:

  • Business Resilience

  • Sound Financial Practices

  • Redefining "A Rainy Day"

  • The importance of an Emergency Fund

  • Investment Opportunities

  • The need for Adaptation

  • Long-Term Planning

  • Budgeting

  • Tackling Debt


🎧Run Time - ~ 42 minutes

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Topics discussed:

  • How difficult is it to stay in sweet voice when on stage during energetic performances?

  • How does Mahalia view fitness/ wellness as a singer & performer?

  • How important is nutrition - in general and on the day of performance?

  • How important is rest and relaxation?

  • BONUS: Mahalia was gracious enough to take ups through a breathing exercise


🎧Run Time - ~ 50 minutes

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Topics discussed:

  • Terrence's introduction to the water

  • How did he manage to navigate combining studies with high-level athletic preparation

  • What benefits did Terrence derive from doing so?

  • Terrence firmly believes that every Bajan should know how to swim. Why is this?

  • What are the major physical benefits derived from water activity?


🎧Run Time - ~ 35 minutes

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