Online Personal Training Programs


This option allows you to have a program built specifically to your goals. Persons who usually chose such programs are:

  • self-motivated

  • prefer to have guidance without the need for a trainer on hand

Things you should know:

  • Your program will be designed based on the information provided in your registration form and initial consultation

  • Your weekly workout feedback will be necessary to build your program as accurately as possible and as such a feedback form or an open-ended email should be submitted on a weekly basis

  • There will be assessment points at the start of, midway through (for the 8 week programs) and at the end of the program, which can be conducted in-studio or via an online consultation

  •  Payment can be made in person or via an online bank transfer. Please contact us to facilitate this



  • 4 weeks: $120 Bds / $60 USD

  • 8 weeks: $200 Bds / $100 USD


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