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You want to be strong and independent for as long as possible. With that said, just as you train for cardiovascular endurance & strength, you also need to focus on the ability to move  freely and easily.

If we don’t regularly use the full range of motion of our joints, we gradually lose our ability to do so. After all, if you don't use it, you lose it. Focusing on mobility allows you to strengthen your movement patterns through available ranges of motion, decrease instances of potential injury & helps to relieve tension in the body.


You are never too young nor too old to begin working on your movement potential. There will always be benefits to including this training into your overall training regime.


☑ This option works for persons who want to workout at home or have access to a fitness facility but don't know how to construct an effective program.

☑ The training block lasts for 8 weeks

☑ The program is build specific to your requirements based on all info provided

Gym equipment isn't necessary but if available we will definitely put that equipment to use

 GFS Custom Programs include an initial consultation, effective workout design, access to me for any queries/ assistance, nutritional advice, digital exercise videos & weekly check-ins.

Cost: $120.00 BDD/ $60.00 USD


Homework.1 is a 28-day home movement series aimed to keep you moving. Even if you are a regular gym goer, you may want a little extra workout to add to your routine or replace a missed workout.

 For all fitness levels 

 Requires zero gym equipment 

 Contains active rest days 

 Contains exercise demos 


Here is some feedback from Homework.1:

"great way to get people moving; especially those who may not be able to afford a gym and/or trainer at this time"

​"I think the 28 day challenge was awesome all was challenging and the videos explanatory"

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