GFS Quick Tip #6: Sleep

June 10, 2018

💡: So often when I speak to persons the feedback I get is that they don't get an adequate amount of #sleep. This could be due to deadlines or simply the inability to phase into a restful state (which I have once battled with as well)

What surprises me sometimes is that for some it's said with pride or as a badge of honor. To each their own but I urge you to think otherwise.


A #muscle building plan or weight loss plan can be optimized with adequate sleep, allowing the body to #repair itself physically (eg.  protein synthesis, hormone production) and mentally (stress relief, sharper attention)

So if you can or even if you perceive that you C̶A̶N̶'̶T̶ , do TRY to get your uninterrupted zzzs. There are enough hours left to get other stuff done

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