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GFS Quick Tip #18: Swing for the fences

💡: There are few exercises that work most of the major muscles in the body to generate power, strength & stability all together. Enter the Kettlebell Swing!

The kettlebell is swung from between the knees to anywhere between above the hips and below the shoulders (note. American KB Swings are swung above shoulder level but personally they're not my cup of tea)

The move is hip dominated which means that the glute max, hamstrings and core (including lower back) are the major muscles at play. Since the knees also have a slight bend, the quads also get some work while the shoulders, chest and traps all assist.

Because the KB Swing works so many muscles you can see why it is such an impactful exercise to utilize.

The swing exercise can also be performed with a dumbbell or even a medicine ball in a bag if a kettlebell is not available.