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Day 13 | 28 Straight

Movement Day 13

Wait! it is Day one-three already?!? Better put, it is the last workout day until fitness test two (tomorrow is a rest day). So... without further ado...

Warm Up & Stretch

Perform the two-three sets of:

Exercise 1.a: 6-10 pairs of Plank to Shoulder Taps

How to Video >

Exercise 1.b: 60 seconds of Side Shuffles

**rest when needed within the time and restart

How to Video >

Perform the two- three sets of:

Exercise 2.a: 4-6 pairs of 8-second Bird Dog Holds

How to Video >

Exercise 2.b: Side Plank for as long as possible

**duplicate the time on the first side for the other side

How to Video >

Feel free to shoot me a message and let me know how you're doing. Having someone to report to helps to maintain accountability and I am happy to help in that regard.

Should you wish to post about your experience on Instagram please tag me @gfs.personaltraining and use the hashtag #28straightgfs