Day 20 | 28 Straight

March 19, 2019

Movement Day 20 


 Just like that we're on to the home stretch. Big up yourself for being consistent all the way through.  Now it is time to turn on the burners and head for the finish line. Here is what the rest of the schedule looks like:

  • Day 20 - Movement

  • 21 - Movement

  • 22 - Rest

  • 23 - Movement

  • 24 - Movement

  • 25 - Rest

  • 26 - Movement

  • 27 - Movement (light)

  • 28 - Final Fitness Test

Warm Up & Stretch


EMOM: Every Minute on the Minute

For this workout, the movement's reps begin at the start of every minute.



Minute one: 2 reps x movement (rest for the remainder of the minute)

Minute two: 3 reps x movement (rest for the remainder of the minute)

-Continue until you cannot complete all required reps within the minute. See how many minutes you can go



Movement Options (Choose between):


  • Airplane Bank Burpee (combine the 2 below movements) - commence at 2 reps for minute one and add one rep each minute

  • Burpees - commence at 4 reps for minute one and add one rep each minute

  • Airplane Banks - commence at 6 pairs for minute one and add one pair each minute

All Three - commence at one rep for each of the three movements within the first minute and add one for each per minute 


** This starts slow but goes from zero to one hundred pretty quickly



Cool down & stretch

Feel free to shoot me a message and let me know how you're doing. Having someone to report to helps to maintain accountability and I am happy to help in that regard. 


Should you wish to post about your experience on Instagram please tag me @gfs.personaltraining and use the hashtag #28straightgfs

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