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Studio Protocols

Please see below the in-studio guidelines in place to maintain a safe space for all:

  • ​If you are experiencing any cold/ flu/ Covid-19 symptoms (eg. especially coughing & runny nose), please contact me  before-hand & refrain from attending. Let's not assume it's allergies & sinuses. We are still not looking to spread any unwanted illnesses.   

  • For hygiene purposes, a clean, large towel should be brought to every session. When not in use, it is to be stored in your allotted container (containers are sanitized after each session)

  • Again, for hygiene purposes, shoes are not to be worn from the outside into the facility. If they are generally worn outside, please ensure that they are in a clean condition prior to entry.

  • Athletes' bags and items are to be placed into the allotted container

  • Athletes may wash or sanitize hands upon arrival

  • Gloves should be clean. i.e. Gloves shouldn't be used for tire flipping or crawling on the outside and then used to handle equipment inside the studio. Separate gloves can be used in this instance.

Last Updated: January 15, 2013

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