Welcome to GFS Personal Training! My name is Kurt a.k.a the TLSG (Teeny Little Super Guy a.k.a Clarkey The Movement Motivator and my aim is to get you moving in a fun, safe and mentally enriching environment.

GFS Personal Training provides personal training, small group training and online training supervised by a certified personal trainer with a sincere passion to help you to surpass your health & fitness goals through sustainable practices. 

Movement is our life support.

Trainer Qualifications:

  • American College of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer

  • National Personal Training Institute - Certified Personal Trainer

  • CPR Certified


What's Included

  • Individualized attention and supervision

  • Nutrition guidance & tips

  • In-studio fitness challenges

  • Home Workouts

  • Range of exercise equipment

  • Changing rooms

  • Shower facilities

  • Fridge

  • Microwave

  • Parking