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This is an add-on to your overall strength & hypertrophy plan to help you to develop your upper body. With this training block, you will improve upper-body strength, gain lean muscle, build muscular endurance and strengthen joints & connective tissues.



This block includes two (2) upper-body workouts per week with an additional one (1) workout dedicated solely to arms.


How can this training block be used?

This training block can be used in conjunction with your current training block, replacing your upper body workouts. For example, if you use full body wokouts, the exercises from this block can be added within your workout plan.


Required Equipment:

No equipment is required for this training block. If you do have access to equipment, try this Upper Body 8-Week Training Block instead.


Note: This workout program is a digital product. After your purchase, the product will be sent to you or will be available for download.

Upper Body 8-Week Training Block (at home)

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