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New Year's Fitolutions

It’s that time of the year!.

Renewed vigor, renewed purpose and a renewed drive.

Ready to smash those goals!

But hold on a minute... this seems familiar... You've been here before haven't you?

The close of one calendar year brings the start of another (duh), often bringing a feeling of newness.

All of the fitness professionals are pushing “New year, New you” and a host of other brilliant catch-phrases and hashtags emerge and all of a sudden we are all firmly on the bandwagon of newness. You envision what this new “you” will look like and some of the glamorous things that newness will cause or attract. For this very reason the gym is like a WWE Royal Rumble match in January.

A helpful thought

Before we decide to get into the gym just for the sake of the change of a calendar date we should consider a few things.

1. What is my goal? (Tip: Document a clear and precise goal)

2. Is it time-bound? (Tip: Set a time frame in which you want to achieve your goal)

3. Is my goal attainable and realistic?

4. Is my goal measurable?

5. What must I do to achieve this and how do I stay accountable?

Give these questions some thought before you get started to prevent yourself from running around in the dark.

Good luck! Here's to a solid start towards improved movement capacity and a healthier you.

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