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Athlete Corner: Thor's Movement Journey

How long have you been exercising consistently?

I have been training off and on for approximately ten years. The last two was the longest break I have ever taken, until joining this program. In the break and due to work demand, I have struggled with weight gain and being unfit as a result of reduced exercise and poor eating habits.

What has been your biggest challenge along your health and fitness journey?

The challenge was to commit to better, healthier eating and an exercise regime. I used to joke about cross fit by saying I will cross my fingers and hope to get fit!

What positive impacts on your everyday life have you noticed along your health and fitness journey?

Since joining the program I have noticed increased endurance, which makes for improved mental alertness. I have changed my eating entirely (not as challenging as I thought). Generally speaking I feel a lot healthier and that lethargic feeling is no longer lingering.​

What have you learned about yourself?

You will never know your true strength until you push the limits!

What advice would you give to persons who are now commencing or thinking about commencing a health and fitness journey?

If you’re going to workout for a crop over body then that’s exactly what you will achieve. As a result your commitment will be short term, so will be the results. However, if you’re seeking a lifestyle change your mindset and commitment level will get the results you desire.

What is your favourite exercise?

My nickname is “Thor” so….(nothing more therapeutic than beating a tire).

What is your most challenging exercise?

Sprints! I was never built for speed…lol.

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