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We provide personal training (in-studio and online), semi private training and small group training. Additionally, we offer customized training programs for use at home or in your facility of choice.


We understand that everyone is different and, as such, will require a different mix of  methods to achieve unique objectives. Ultimately our aim is to promote longevity through a focus of all aspects of fitness including strength, cardiovascular endurance, mobility, coordination and balance.


We offer an array of training services which will assist you in achieving your required objectives. Our flagship services  can be seen below.

Personal Training

Working with a certified personal trainer can have a positive effect on your wellness journey, regardless of your age or fitness level. We educate our athletes on how to exercise in a safe and effective manner, while providing knowledge-based supervision to monitor your progress along the way

Custom Programming

This option works for persons who want to workout at home or have access to a fitness facility but don't know how to construct an effective program.

Fitness Programs

General programs provided for specific goals, whether it be strength improvement, core training or cardio enhancement.


R Hinds

An amazing trainer who focuses not just on your specific goals but incorporates a holistic view to wellbeing. Highly motivating and always the number one hype man!
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