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Allows you to have personal training sessions at home or in your facility of choice while receiving real-time guidance

We provide supervision along your journey while monitoring progress & providing resources for a healthier you

Group training structured to get you moving in the comfort of your home

Squat Workout

Have a customized program built for you or choose between our signature programs


So far my experience has been fantastic. I can assuredly say that there has been professionalism of the highest quality. Moreover, there is a relaxed atmosphere which allows me to feel comfortable and encouraged at each session. On occasion, when there has been need for conversation whether relating to diet, exercise or just venting about a bad day, Kurt has always been patient, attentive and willing to assist as necessary.

As it relates to the sessions themselves, there is always attention to detail with respect to techniques, body position and biomechanics. As a physiotherapist by profession it is pleasing to workout with Kurt, knowing that I am in good hands. I would recommend no other!

Kwayne Dalrymple

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