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Athlete Corner: Root's Movement Journey

The fitness journey is one that always comes with its challenges (aka potholes and transitory inconveniences) There are also triumphs and successes, which come through dedication and hard work.

Natasha is one such example of a person who has experienced all of the above. She has made tremendous strides, which are all to her credit and this is what she has learned through her journey so far.

How long have you been exercising consistently?

I have been exercising consistently for just over a year.

What is your favourite exercise?

I would not say I have a favourite exercise but I would say, I enjoy squats & skipping.

What has been your biggest challenge along your health and fitness journey?

My diet is indeed the biggest challenge thus far.

What thought gets you through your most challenging workouts?

Thoughts that get me through my workouts are actually written on my shirts.

Good vibes Only

Anything is possible

I can and will get through this.

As an busy entrepreneur, how do you make time to devote to exercise?

I have made a decision that everything in life has a place and what is important you will find time for. So although, I am extremely busy at times, I am dedicated to my workout times. Unless it is an absolute emergency or I am taxed for time I am always at my work out at GFS.

What positive impacts on your everyday life have you noticed along your health and fitness journey?

Since on my health and fitness journey, some of the most positive impacts I have noticed are my breathing, my endurance and strength levels. They all have significantly improved.

Her deadlift 2RM is now 215 lbs

What have you learned about yourself?

I have learnt that I am a very strong, competent individual and when motivated I can do extraordinary things especially when I encounter a challenge.

What is your most challenging exercise?

OMG my most challenging exercise is burpees, wow my biggest challenge to date.

What advice would you give to persons who are now commencing or thinking about commencing a health and fitness journey?

The journey is never easy, but with faith, motivation and commitment you will definitely achieve results. It is not only about how you look but also how you feel.

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